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We don’t perform services for clients until we get results we’re proud of on our own personal projects, such as:

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Organic Marketing: The Most Profitable Business Strategy

Internet Marketing

What is Organic Marketing?

Organic marketing encompasses word-of-mouth marketing, viral marketing, public relations, social media, network marketing, direct sales and the like. The common denominators of these marketing methods are that they are free, trusted, and vetted. They are earned, as compared to being bought.

People are more receptive to hearing these marketing messages because they are more natural and organic.


New SEO Packages


In response to the rapidly evolving SEO environment, I now offer very strong, high-end packages… anything less, would be ineffective and a waste of your money. I hear from disappointed SEO clients all the time that they paid for cheap SEO service and got nothing. You get what you pay for. You need an SEO who’s staying up to date on the latest changes and using EFFECTIVE link building techniques. What worked last month may not work this month, yet many SEOs still sell what worked in the past, not what’s working and going to continue to work in the future.


Press Releases – Fast Backlinks for SEO and Rapid Traffic


Press Releases for SEO and Media Attention

A PRWeb Press Release, which I offer at a discount as a reseller to my SEO clients (more about that offer below), is a great way to get over 1,000 backlinks within 1 day of distribution.

A PRWeb press release in Nov 2012 took one of my websites from the bottom of page 1 to the top, for a keyword with 500,000 searches/month, and on to making $16,000 in sales the next month. While this is an extraordinary case and doesn’t always produce ranking improvements as Google changes constantly, it goes to show the potential SEO power of a press release.

Press releases also get seen by tons of journalists, so they have the potential to attract more media attention.
Press Release Examples

Here are some press releases I’ve done:


App Creation


I have a lot of app development experience, even before iPhone apps were popular.

When the Facebook platform first launched back in 2007, I had a great idea for an app, based on the widely popular movie The Secret, a vision board app, which I called, The Ultimate Vision Board:


Graphic/Logo/Image Design

Graphic Design

Whether you need a logo, banner, product image or any kind of graphic designed, we can get it done for you.


Rocketship, Competition-Crushing, Guaranteed SEO


We’ve helped 100s of happy clients overcome countless Google updates and withstood the test of time when other competitors have fallen to their knees.

We’ve ranked from small sites to huge authority sites.

The largest first page keyword ranking to date gets over 500,000 targeted searches per MONTH!

At $40/avg sale, the site has generated at most over $16,000 in sales, on AUTOPILOT!

Isn’t it time you got YOUR site ranked like that too?

Here are some more real client results:


Performance-Based Marketing – Deal Site Consulting

Deal Site Consulting

Performance based marketing is no cost upfront, performance based payment utilizing deal sites like Groupon and a variety of many other deal sites that have a large following.


Social Media Management Services

Social Media

We’re now partnered with a team of high-quality social media specialists to manage and grow a brand’s social media accounts.

99% of companies have no idea how to properly engage with a social media audience to generate more Likes, Followers, or Subscribers, which means they’re missing out on free repeat advertising to them, increasing customer loyalty, and a higher lifetime customer value.

Everyday that slips by is money slipping away.

It’s time to put a plug in that gaping hole if that’s your business.

With our social media management services, you’ll have a dedicated staff to post, reply, and make your followers feel loved. It’s also a form of reputation management, so that complaints get resolved and those frowns get turned upside down.


Wonderful WordPress Websites

Website Design

Does your website communicate a message that strongly resonates with your target market?

– Is it easy to navigate?
– Aesthetically pleasing and attention-grabbing?
– Is the right information easy to find quickly?
– Does it load fast?
– Does it generate leads?
– Does it convert those leads into sales and repeat customers?


Guaranteed Local Search Results


Do any of the keywords you want to rank for show local search results in Google with the address and map pin placement of local businesses, like the image above?