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Now Offering Guaranteed, Pay Per Lead from Google For Several Categories

Electricians, HVAC, Plumbers, Garage Door Services, Locksmiths, Carpet Cleaners, and House Cleaners

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Search Marketing

(Ad Management)

Ads are a great way to get to page 1 of the search results quickly, get traffic, and figure out things like the right keywords, and products to market to. Though it can be very expensive quickly if not done right, and we’ve seen too many accounts gone wild. Let us set it right for you from the start. We got started with a Google Shopping campaign that generated over $100,000 in sales in 9 months.

We currently manage over $30,000/m in ad spend, because we’ve generated better results faster than many other agencies and consultants who’ve tried before us. We’ve generated a lower cost per lead, making our clients more profitable, and happy to keep paying us to improve and grow their business with them as a trusted partner. We handle all of Google’s and Bing’s advertising types, including Search, Mobile, Display, Shopping, Video, and Retargeting, as well as Analytics, tracking and reporting. It’s a lot of work, and takes a lot of experience to get right and keep up with the changes. Want us to handle it for you? Here’s what we’d do for you:

Campaign Setup

  • Bidding Strategy
  • Location Definition
  • Ad Extensions Set up

Keyword Research

  • Keyword Planner
  • Keyword Multiplication
  • Segmentation

Ad Creation

  • Compelling Offer Creation
  • Ad Split Test Variants
  • Competitive Ad Research

Lead Tracking

  • Phone Lead Tracking
  • Email Lead Tracking
  • Chat Lead Tracking

If you have an existing Google Ads account, we’d like to give you a free Ad Analysis report and call to discuss it. Just send us your 10-digit account ID, then we’ll send you an approval request to confirm and follow up with you. Submit your Google Ad Account ID here. 

If you don’t yet have an ad account set up, schedule a time to discuss your goals, keyword targets, and budget, here.

SEO Services

Google decides the rank positions of websites based on over 200 search signals. Search Engine Optimization is the process of getting the right keywords in the right places, both on your website and in many high-quality backlinks on other websites pointing to yours, like “votes” for your website. The stronger the signals, the higher the ranks. Higher ranks gets more visitors to your website, which equals more money 💵 for you 🙂 We got started several years ago with a website that we got ranked number 2 in Google and it generated over $15,000/m in sales. Since then, more features have been added, the algorithm has changed, competition has gotten more intense, yet the timeless principles of giving customers what they want has stayed relatively the same, and still works for SEO.

Backlink Building

Content Creation

  • Pages and Blog Posts
  • Images/Infographics
  • Videos

User Experience

Facebook Advertising

We have Facebook marketing funnels for over 20 industries tested with over $2 million in ad spend. Want to try out the funnel for your industry and see how low your lead cost can go?

Yelp SEO Keyword Optimization

We optimize business profiles too to help get businesses more free organic traffic, without paying for massively overpriced Yelp ads that often cost even more per click than even Google!


I wholeheartedly recommend Nick and IMManagers to any growing small business looking for a dedicated, diligent and determined web team. I particularly recommend Nick for any Shark Tank team looking to enhance their website before or after being aired on the show! His level of commitment was unparalleled and I am so grateful he picked up the phone to say “I’m here to help as much as I can. Where would you like to start?”

Desiree Stolar

CEO, Unshrinkit, Shark Tank Season 7

Nick at IMM provided excellent digital strategy work for us. He knows AdWords inside and out, brings creative SEO/SEM to the table, and is able to work closely with our marketing people to create high quality, cohesive campaigns.


Marketing Coordinator, Engineering Marketing Agency

Nick is a smart PPC marketer and a trustworthy person to handle any task you throw his way. He’s also easy to work with and has a friendly attitude. Highly recommended for any digital marketing task you require!


CEO, Google Shopping Campaign

Nick did great work and helped identify additional opportunities for my client to grow. He worked quickly, had great ideas and was solution-oriented.


CEO, Marketing Agency

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