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In building many websites, I’ve had the unfortunate opportunity to check out many hosting providers for WordPress. Most of them are incredibly frustrating to work with for one reason or another. Here’s my review of each, which I’ll add to over time to vent (or hopefully compliment).


1&1 Hosting – SUCKS


  • Support took 20 mins to get in touch with
  • Support is in the Philippines, which felt difficult to communicate with versus American support like with GoDaddy

GoDaddy Hosting – Good


  • GoDaddy provides a free history of files in case you need to restore them (database restores are $80 though)


  • Database restores are $80
  • Sometimes when updating a website, it says “No data received” and the site goes down for about 30-60 seconds.

Yahoo Small Business Web Hosting – SUCKS
As confirmed by:
3.1/5 (6.2/10) rating http://www.whoishostingthis.com/hosting-reviews/yahoo-hosting/
2.8/5 (5.9/10) rating http://web-hosting-review.toptenreviews.com/yahoo-web-hosting-review.html


  • None


  1. All inner pages will be example.com/blog/page-name rather than example.com/page-name. Trying to fix this just creates more problems. Yahoo says there’s no way it in this article: Why aren’t my permalinks working?
  2. Even if you move the WordPress files to the root directory and change the WordPress settings even via PhpMyAdmin to point to the root directory, all inner page permalinks still won’t work and will throw a 404 “not found” error. Why? I have no idea, this is unusual behavior seemingly unique to the way Yahoo handles WordPress.
  3. Auto-install WordPress… is buried at the bottom of Create & Update > Blog… not under Site Building Tools where I expected it would be. It’s clear that Yahoo thinks of WordPress as only a blog tool, not a website tool.
  4. Servers are slow
  5. The WP Plugins directory throws an error on fresh installs “An Unexpected HTTP Error occurred during the API request.”
  6. Updating plugins can cause this error “An error occurred while updating Hello Dolly: Download failed. Couldn’t resolve host ‘downloads.wordpress.org’.”
  7. Yahoo makes you install PhpMyAdmin to get database access… other hosts have PhpMyAdmin already installed
  8. Yahoo installs 6 Yahoo plugins to compensate for the way they’ve set up WordPress, and to show Yahoo branding on your site:
    1. Add to My Yahoo! Button (to make Yahoo $)
    2. Customizable Permalinks (“Warning: Selecting options or entering information on this page without activating the Customizable Permalinks plug-in may cause other links on your blog to break. If you have already activated Customizable Permalinks, you can ignore this message. To activate now, click the “Plugins” link above.”)
    3. Hosted by Yahoo! Badge (to make Yahoo $)
    4. Yahoo! Blog Statistics (to display stats in your Yahoo control panel)
    5. Yahoo! Web Hosting Masthead (to make Yahoo $)
    6. Yahoo! Web Hosting Warning Messages (to compensate for the way Yahoo has set-up messed-up WordPress)
    7. Yahoo Search Box (to make Yahoo $)
  9. No htaccess on the server (though you can access via a plugin… if you can get the plugin to install)
  10. WP plugins won’t install from the plugin directory. Clicking install… does nothing.
  11. Yahoo doesn’t provide technical support for WordPress either, so if you have a problem, it’s yours to fix, not theirs

InMotion Hosting

InMotion sent me this comparison chart:

The InMotion rep also said:

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Other hosting companies I have yet to report about:


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