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We’ve recently been testing some new social media marketing strategies over the past few days, and have seen some amazing results:

Today is not even over yet, YET this account has received over 15,000 impressions, 400% more than the average 3,900 impressions per day. Yes the Tweet volume went up, but also the impressions per tweet went up:

Today: 34.7 impressions per Tweet (15,703/453)

7 days ago: 21.4 impressions per Tweet (2,252/105)

More tweets, more impressions.

That’s not the only thing. Targeted follower growth has also skyrocketed from our methods:

We’re adding nearly 100 followers per day now, with our new methods. That’s around 1,000 more followers in 10 days, 3,000 in a month. We’d be able to grow it faster, if Twitter didn’t have speed limits 😉

Other important metrics are up too:

Link clicks from Twitter up 27.6x over average. Retweets up 11.5x. Likes up 5.66x.

We’re now offering this as a service to our clients. Contact us to have us grow your Twitter, or any Social Media account, fast and safe like this to add new targeted followers you can market to.