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I have a lot of app development experience, even before iPhone apps were popular.

When the Facebook platform first launched back in 2007, I had a great idea for an app, based on the widely popular movie The Secret, a vision board app, which I called, The Ultimate Vision Board:

Directly related to having a vision, is achieving goals, so I tied it in with On Track Goals:

To achieve goals, there are steps in between, so we added a scorecard with daily habits as you can see at the bottom, and created a projects app for business team collaboration called On Track Projects:

Then I was asked to create an app for Match Matrix called Best Friends and Lovers, which used a proprietary Eastern-based methodology for determining the relationship compatibility between to people based on their birthdate pulled from Facebook, either as friends or as lovers.

Then I was asked to create an app called Dear God Letter. It was designed to engage the Law of Attraction by writing a letter to God asking for help to achieve and attract the life you desire. The main features of the application includes letter templates in various areas of life like relationships, career, finances and happiness.

We’ve spent well over $50,000 on app development. It’s not as easy and cheap as it seems. There’s a lot of backend and frontend development work involved to get it just right and add in all the cool features, and then platforms change constantly, which can break the app, so it needs to be updated. You definitely want to have the BEST team possible, not the cheapest, because the cheapest becomes more expensive in the long run when delays mean missed opportunities and more development costs to keep up with the latest changes.

We’ll help you first create a bare bones minimal app to get off the ground, get launched fast, and get user feedback to learn what to develop next.

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