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Santa Barbara SEO Website Search Marketing Consultant Service

Internet Marketing Managers' Google-approved SEO (Search Engine Optimization) got you here... Don't you think we can get targeted visitors to your website too? 🙂

We only use "white-hat" methods, which are sustainable for the long-term, even through changes in Google's search algorithm, which promotes more relevant content to the top and cuts down webspam. That's how we've stayed as a best SEO company for many years.

Here's what our SEO service looks like:

  1. Analytics: We look over Google Analytics and Google Search Console data to see keywords, trends, and ranks
  2. Spam Check: We see if Google has flagged your website for Webspam, or if your backlinks appear spammy
  3. Keyword Research: We use Google's Keyword Planner to see where the demand is in your area for your services
  4. Rank Checking: We see where your website currently ranks for the top priority keywords
  5. Competition Research: We check what your competition is doing in terms of backlink building, content creation, etc
  6. Onsite SEO: We examine your website and optimize the title, description, meta data, image alt text and links
  7. Content: We create new content to fill content gaps, such as pages, blog posts, or videos
  8. Offsite SEO: We build backlinks to both your website's home page and targeted inner pages
  9. Rank Tracking: We track the ranks against the keyword targets
  10. Reporting: We report on our progress

It's this thorough process that enables us to rank any website, anywhere, in any category. We've ranked at the top of Google for keywords with 500,000 searches per month, and driven millions of visitors to our clients websites over the years.

SEO is under the larger umbrella of "search marketing", which also encompasses "Search Engine Marketing" like paid ads.

Paid ads have grown beyond search ads to include display ads, mobile ads, Google Shopping ads, video advertising, and more.

Internet Marketing Managers is a certified Google Partner digital marketing agency that can handle all of this for your business. We currently manage tens of thousands of dollars in client spend and growing every month. We've taken over where multiple agencies have tried and failed before. We've surprised even the most savvy and experienced clients with lower lead costs and new enhanced methods.

Our secret sauce relies on exploring the boundaries of Google and Google's new features, being in constant communication with Google reps dedicated to our clients' accounts, testing new features and ideas, tracking the results in detail, and determining whether they add value to the client or not. It's a time-consuming, time-tested, repeatable process that keeps our clients profitable and happily paying us month after month, and makes us the only Internet marketing service you need on your team.

For a free phone consultation to listen to your needs, evaluate your options, and agree upon the best course of action, schedule a time to talk with one of our expert marketing consultants here: