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We’ve helped 100s of happy clients overcome countless Google updates and withstood the test of time when other competitors have fallen to their knees.

We’ve ranked from small sites to huge authority sites.

The largest first page keyword ranking to date gets over 500,000 targeted searches per MONTH!

At $40/avg sale, the site has generated at most over $16,000 in sales, on AUTOPILOT!

Isn’t it time you got YOUR site ranked like that too?

Here are some more real client results:

From #6 to #1

From #25 to #3

From #200 to #4

Summary of what we provide:

  • 10 keyword and URL combinations (contact me for FREE keyword research)
  • A tracking link to monitor your link building progress
  • Within a week, onsite reports for your keywords
  • Weekly work to create only the highest-quality links, no SEO spam that could later hurt you like our competitors
  • Link reports are not provided so that our methods aren’t copied by competitors or used against you and me by Google to stop us
  • Our methods have remained Secret for over one year, we believe this has a lot to play in our success over the competition.

Q: Are your SEO methods safe for Google?

A: Yes 100% safe. Our methods have continued to work through every Google animal update, such as the infamous Penguin and Panda.

Q: Will you get my site to #1?

A: We’ll do our best to. It mostly depends on your competition. We provide a long term service and only want to work with people that want to build a sustainable business to last long-time. The best SEO  will last over time and is gradual and natural in Google’s eyes. Quick hit SEO may sound great but it only results in pain. The natural way is what Google expects and that’s what we give it.

Q: How long does it take to see results?

A: The nature of our SEO is steady long term growth that will last. This is a comprehensive SEO solution with every link platform and social element that matters. Results usually show strongly after 3 months, since it takes time to build the links, for Google to index them, and for the links to age.

Q: Do you have a refund policy?

A: No, because every month we do work for link building and the work lasts a long time.

Q: Do you have a guarantee then?

A: YES! If your site is not ranking strongly after 5 months, we would give you the next 3 months free.

Q: Which keywords should I target?

A: Simply send me your URL and provide your desired keywords, and I’ll do FREE keyword research for you to determine the 10 best keywords for you. I’ll verify them with you before the SEO work begins.

Q: What’s the cost?

A: A Las Vegas SEO firm I used to work for would charge a MINIMUM of around $1,000/month, and often around $30,000 for high-traffic national keywords. My minimum is just $99/keyword for a minimum of 5 keywords (there are PLENTY of keywords you could be targeting and I will help you find the right ones). Email me your website, desired keywords and price range you’re looking for and I’ll look into it for you!

Email me through the contact form on my website regarding your SEO needs for SEO in Las Vegas.