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Press Releases for SEO and Media Attention

A PRWeb Press Release, which I offer at a discount as a reseller to my SEO clients (more about that offer below), is a great way to get over 1,000 backlinks within 1 day of distribution.

A PRWeb press release in Nov 2012 took one of my websites from the bottom of page 1 to the top, for a keyword with 500,000 searches/month, and on to making $16,000 in sales the next month. While this is an extraordinary case and doesn’t always produce ranking improvements as Google changes constantly, it goes to show the potential SEO power of a press release.

Press releases also get seen by tons of journalists, so they have the potential to attract more media attention.

Press Release Examples

Here are some press releases I’ve done:

Paparazzi Consultant Angie Sampson Launches New Paparazzi Accessories Website

P90X2 Review: It’s Not for Everyone

Insanity Workout Compressed Into 25 Minutes in the New Focus T25 Release

Beachbody’s New Focus T25™ Workout DVDs Have Been Selling Rapidly

Shakeology® Vanilla is Finally Available

Paparazzi Accessories Announces a Special Offer for June for New Paparazzi Jewelry Consultants

Body FX Customers Have Received the New Energy FX, Cleanse FX, Protein FX and After FX products

Shaun T.’s Focus T25™ Will Be Available to the Public Online In July

BodyFX is Offering Double Free Leads to New Charter Coaches until May 4th

Blowby, a Cause for Expensive Car Engine Rebuilds, Has a Secret Cheap Solution

Free Stuff Blog Hits Over 200,000 Facebook Fans

PRWeb Stats

Here’s some stats from April 2013 press releases I’ve done:

I realize that’s a lot of numbers that may not make much sense to you at this point. Here are some interesting points in plain English:

  • Over 6,500 media outlets received the press releases on average, including well known names like AOL, CNN, CNBC, The Boston Globe, Chicago Sun-Times, Forbes, Google News, Men’s Health, New York Times, PC Magazine, Reuters, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, WebMD, and Yahoo. The media outlets that each press release goes to goes to both generic media and a selection of appropriate industry specific media. 
  • The impressions, reads, onsite impressions, and interactions, refers to just the places that PRWeb has the ability to track, so these numbers are just a general indiction, the actual numbers are much higher. In short, it shows that the press releases receive immediate attention and traffic in Google, so it can be a fast way to get to the front page of Google.
  • Google pick up shows the number of times the headline of the press release appears in Google, meaning those are indexed pages providing backlinks: on average, over 1,000, sometimes over 2,000 backlinks, just from one press release. That’s much faster than getting over 1,000 blog posts written and distributed about your site.

Why PR Web

Here’s more info about PRWeb directly from their PDF (WhyPRWeb):

Using PRWeb to Increase your Exposure and SEO

PRWeb is the number one news distribution service in the WORLD. We out rank our competition in traffic to site, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social and blog shares, and the most overall releases.

“We started using PRWeb in 2008 and it’s been one of the best decisions we’ve ever made,” says Ed Adams, Manager for the Global Public Affairs Department at the DuPont Company. “PRWeb was quick to embrace new social media features and its latest distribution system has made a tremendous difference – there is no comparison.”


  • The fact is no medium drives offline conversation better than online marketing. In fact, our research shows that in 15% of conversations about products and 23% of conversations about services, somebody refers to something they saw online.
  • PRWeb is partnered with 30,000 sites; that’s more than any of our competitors! These sites redistribute our clients’ information because they know it’s coming from a trusted source.
  • Good content will never hurt you. Ever. One of the best ways to get in Google’s good graces is to feed it good, relevant content. The best way to do that is to put out press releases consistently (read: once a month at the minimum).

How it works

  • Each release is optimized to help you get the best organic search results. PRWeb also distributes your news to premium online outlets, and is sent directly to journalists and bloggers so you can be found all around the web – critical in achieving greater visibility, generating publicity and driving potential buyers back to your business.
  • With PRWeb, your news will be sent within the US and around the world. So, in addition to getting your information picked up by major search engines and news outlets, you can also align it to the industries and regions that matter most to your business.
  • Unlike other press release distribution services, your release is submitted to the top search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing. Add links, keywords and videos to get found by new customers fast. With PRWeb, you’ll get more attention and increase your online visibility.

My PRWeb Discounted Offer

PRWeb normally charges:

  • $249 for an Advanced SEO Press Release, which includes the ability to create backlinks on anchor text, add additional files, a quote, and a picture to the press release
  • $100 for increased media and industry coverage
  • $50 for national distribution
  • $100 for same day distribution

= $499 Total Retail Price

But wait! That’s not the price you’ll pay of course 🙂

Because I work with a lot of clients for Internet marketing, PRWeb offered me a big discount to sign up for a bulk package, and I’ve seen significant success with PRWeb press releases, I decided to sign up for the package to get 5 press releases per month.

Now I can offer press releases with all of the extras listed above to my clients at $200 off! So it’s just $299 for an Advanced SEO Press Release with all of those features. Press release writing and keyword research are another $99 each on top of that if needed.

Even if you feel you have nothing newsworthy, there’s ALWAYS a newsworthy angle we can come up with.

If you’re interested in getting a press release out, contact me today.