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Within about 4 years, our websites and our client sites (that we have Google Analytics on), have collectively been visited by over ONE MILLION VISITORS, 1,511,222 VISITORS to be exact.

This is across a mere 37 websites. Even removing the highest trafficked website to remove an outlier, still adds up to over one million. We have 122 websites currently in our portfolio that we’ve worked on (plus others under NDA or taboo subjects that we haven’t published to our portfolio), so if this visitor number is just 30% of the total across all sites we’ve worked on, multiplying by 3.33 to get to 100%, the true total number of visitors to all sites we’ve worked on may actually be over FIVE million.

So how did our clients and us get so many visitors to our websites? There are a couple of key takeaways:

  1. Search Demand: Start with search demand as a way to find out where the large traffic is, and then cater to that traffic with your website and content. This can be found through Google Adwords’ Keyword Planner.
  2. SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Regular expansion of your search breath, whether in the form of adding blog content consistently and/or broadening your backlink efforts
  3. Promotion: Some of these websites spent money on online ads, like PPC (Google Adwords and Facebook Ads), and one had a TV appearance on Shark Tank. Success requires investment of time and money, not just a website and a hope and a prayer. Believe in yourself and what you’re doing so much that you WANT to be put in the spotlight to attract the right attention and serve the right people to make a positive difference in others’ lives and in return, be rewarded for it. Give to get.
  4. Time: 1,000 visitors per month is 12,000 visitors per year, which is 48,000 visitors over 4 years. Just like saving for retirement, every bit counts towards your goal
  5. Expertise: Not everyone has enough time to do everything they need and want to perfectly. Heck, just about everything I do I tend to underestimate how long I think it’ll take to do until I work through the details. So get leverage. Specialize in what you’re great at, and hire other experts to do the rest. We specialize in creating systems and marketing automation to get leverage, reach more people, and free up time. We have automated lead generation systems, sales systems, business process systems, email systems, and more. This frees our time up to give more human touch when it matters. And we can do this for your business too.

If your goal is financial freedom, the key is to invest in proven methods and systems to bring you in more finances and free up more of your time.

We’d like to add another million visitors to our clients’ analytics.

To talk with us for free about how we can improve your finances and free up your time, contact us.