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In response to the rapidly evolving SEO environment, I now offer very strong, high-end packages… anything less, would be ineffective and a waste of your money. I hear from disappointed SEO clients all the time that they paid for cheap SEO service and got nothing. You get what you pay for. You need an SEO who’s staying up to date on the latest changes and using EFFECTIVE link building techniques. What worked last month may not work this month, yet many SEOs still sell what worked in the past, not what’s working and going to continue to work in the future. I put my mind in Google and Matt Cutt’s shoes to see what they want and where they’re going, not from the perspective of SEOs looking for a quick trick. Most of them no longer work and have been hit hard by Google’s updates, whereas my clients continue to thrive and prosper. Here are a few examples:

Here are the packages I now offer:

1. Good Results

– 1 Article Written and Spun by a US College Educated Content Team

– Web 2.0 postings: WordPress blog, Blogspot Blog, Squidoo Lens, 7-15 Supporting Web 2.0 sites, 20-40 Social Bookmarks, and 100-200 Profile Links

– 100 Private Blog Network Posts

– Indexing for Rapid Search Engine Results Inclusion

– Up to 3 URLs & 5 Keywords per URL (15 keywords max)


2. Better Results

Good Results plus:

– 4 More articles written

– 20-60 more Web 2.0 postings, 1 per article

– 100-200 supporting social bookmarks

– 500-800 profile links

– 400 more private network posts

– 5 High PR Articles

– 25-50 supporting articles


3. Best Results

Better Results plus:

– 1 Press Release written, SEOd and distributed through PRWeb, with national distribution, same-day distribution, and increased media and industry distribution ($200 off PRWeb retail with all of those extras through me and the value is added into writing and SEO)


4. Hyper Results

Best Results plus:

– High-powered SEO firepower with secretive Russian-engineered high-PR links for fast ranking (seriously)


If you’re interested in one of these packages, select it and subscribe:

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