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Do any of the keywords you want to rank for show local search results in Google with the address and map pin placement of local businesses, like the image above?

If so, that’s a great position to get your business listed. Now it’s not so easy just to list your business with Google and hope you turn up in the top 3 positions. It requires a lot more to get ranked highly out of the many local businesses competing for those spots.

It requires what’s called in the SEO industry citations. Citations are simply local directory listings on places like Yelp.com and SmartPages.com. The more, the better. Plus, the more high-quality reviews on those listings, the better. We can help with both: getting lots of citations and boosting positive reviews while lowering negative reviews.

Our local SEO package includes:
– 100% completed and optimized Google Places profile
– 50 directory citations
– 35 backlinks
– 10 Google MyMaps
– 5 YouTube videos created
– 10 Geo-tagged photos
– 9 Reviews
– Other SEO touch-ups

Plus, we have a monthly package available for more difficult keywords that require more of the above to compete against your competition, who may also have hired a local SEO company. We’ll do our best to beat them for you.

For citations, we have a form you fill out and provide us with information about your business. Then, we turn it over to one of our experienced virtual assistants or automated systems to create the citations en mass for you, saving you time and hassle.

For reviews, we can both set up an ongoing system for getting reviews from your customers and dealing with negative reviews, also called reputation management. We can also seed honest reviews to give your business a little kickstart over the many businesses that have none.

As far as the guarantee I mentioned, we guarantee (if we agree to take on your project), that we will get your website listed in the top 3 local results of Google within 3 months.

If you’re interested in this service, contact us to discuss it in further detail.