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Our Secret Sauce

Our consistent and thorough project management process is responsible for the high-quality, yet affordable websites we build.

The process is consistent, yet each website, design, and development is custom. No two websites are any where near the same.

And we don’t just think about them as websites, we think about them just like you do, as your online presence for your business that should bring you the maximum income possible.

We’ve designed and developed well over 100 websites our clients love, as well as taken several ecommerce websites to well over $10,000 in sales per month.

In short, our website process overview looks like this:

In more detail and broken up some more:

  1. Discovery: asking questions to understand your needs, goals and vision, discussing ideas, turning your vision into tasks, proposing solutions, coming to an agreement on the scope of work, and planning it out.
  2. Planning: Taking what we learned in discovery, we plan out the work in our project management system, and start assigning tasks to our designers and developers.
  3. Design: home page, inner pages, logo, banners, etc.
  4. Develop: converting design into functional code, integrate with WordPress, make it responsive for mobile devices and tablets, integrate ecommerce if required, add additional functionality if needed, etc.
  5. Content: text and pictures usually provided by the client, we can transfer content from an existing site and our writers can provide researched blog posts too.
  6. On-site SEO: Keyword research, title, description, image alt tags, link anchor text, location pages if applicable, etc.
  7. Deploy: Make the site live, connect it to the domain, add some security and speed optimization tweaks, etc.
  8. Marketing: once the website is up and running, then it needs traffic, which we can get through effective SEO (backlinks and blog posts); Ads on Search, Social Media and other websites; Social Media (like creating graphics and videos); ecommerce shopping sites (like Amazon and eBay), and more. Once you have leads and sales, then you can also email market to them too.
  9. Optimization: analyzing analytics of traffic sources and sales, we can optimize your marketing and on-site user experience to boost conversion rates of leads and sales
  10. Growth: we can help you expand your products and services to make even more money

To get the ball rolling on your unique online business, contact us.