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You’ve Got Competition. Market to Stand-Out.

Make your prospect’s mouth-water, grab their attention, and make yourself irresistible with easy little ways.

We see things from our perspective most of the time. We think about our great qualities, what we have to offer, why someone else should like us or our great product or service, and things like that. But you’ve got competition. For just about everything you do. So you’ve got to realize that, and market to stand-out.

Even at the most basic level, you’re competing for attention in someone’s head, with a bunch of other thoughts, feelings, priorities and urgencies in their mind. How will you ever cut through THAT clutter to get their attention and get a moment of their attention? Nevertheless, all of your competition is trying to do the same. Yikes. You’ve got to be a little better, different, more-attention grabbing, in the right ways, than they’ve seen before.

An Easy Example of How to Stand-Out That Worked

I’d like to illustrate an example that stands-out in my mind that may stick in your head too. My girlfriend spent two months trying to get a job. She filled out countless applications, made call backs, went to an interview or two, doing things the right way, had some interest, even two event gigs, but nothing more secure and full-time.

I spoke to one manager of a retail store who said she competed against 400 people just to get her job. A manager job, not even entry-level. 400 competitors.

It made me realize there’s a lot of competition out there competing for very few jobs. We determined her best approach would be not just filling out applications, but meeting in person face-to-face with owners/managers to stand out.

Furthermore, when she was asked to bring in a resume and didn’t have a copy with her, I had to make her a new one.

I thought to customize it more towards the business that she was applying at. Texas Roadhouse.

The first thing that cross my mind was at the top, her name, and the style of her resume.

I went to the Texas Roadhouse website and noticed their logo:

So I thought, why not put her name in there?

Because my girlfriend is not the focus of the article, I’m going to show you the logo with my name instead:

I put the logo with her name in it at the top of her resume.

The owner met her, liked her and passed her resume on to the hiring manager.

When she went in to meet with the hiring manager when the restaurant was super busy on a early Saturday night, she said “Are you the girl with the logo at the top of her resume?”

The logo stood out, got her attention, and was memorable.

It was the icing on the cake, the cherry on top, that went along nicely with the owner’s recommendation too.

She got the job, without even an interview. No questions asked. Except one: “Who made your logo?” 🙂

(To be clear, wasn’t my intention to generate design business for myself… rather to make her resume stand-out and be memorable.)

Don’t you think the manager also wants their guests to also have a good memorable experience too? Of course. It keeps their guests coming back, spending money as well. It shows you’ll go the extra step to pay attention to detail, and do a little more to make it a great experience working with you.

As my dad used to say “Sell the sizzle, not the steak.” We all have great personalities in some way, and great products and services… that’s the steak that we’re going to provide anyway… it’s the sizzle that sells. The presentation… just look at this picture… doesn’t it grab your attention a little and make your mouth water a bit?

Assuming you’re a meat-eater, no-offense meant for vegetarians/vegans, it’s just for illustration purposes. Here’s another image for people who like ice-cream instead:

Another way of saying it is the cherry on top, it’s that little red dot that attracts our eye, to make us focus on that whipped cream and ice cream even longer, making it bigger in our minds, making our mouth start to water, taste it with our taste buds and find it so irresistible, that you just have to ask for one. Wouldn’t you love your potential customers to react that way to your marketing?

We do that with our stunning web designs, our incredible web development, our fast-ranking SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for example, when we show a #1 result in Google… those things are mouth-watering to our customers, they want that. It shows their business moving forward, gaining progress, building confidence in themselves and their prospects, and generating more leads and sales.

Would you like to see and taste what it’s like to work with us? If so, contact us regarding your online marketing.