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The owner of the business was managing ads, and a whole lot of other tasks, himself, causing him to constantly feel overwhelmed and behind on work. He knew he needed to free up his time and scale more. After having gone through several agencies, he needed an expert he could trust to get the job done. Through a warm referral, we got connected, then got to work.

Over the next 2 years, we analyzed every aspect of their sales and marketing funnel to fine-tune it, test it, and scale what works best.

What Worked Best

A summary of the approach, without giving away our secret sauce, includes:

  1. Working backwards from what the client wanted, which was more phone calls, and optimizing both paid ads, their website and organic marketing to DOUBLE phone calls
  2. Thoroughly examining and testing various changes in Paid Ads to see what produced the best ROI
  3. Testing various ad and website approaches to pre-filter prospects to make better use of the ad budget and phone sales team’s limited and valuable time
  4. Vastly boosting their organic marketing to create a moat of content to bring in leads
  5. Backlink building to give more link juice to each page
  6. Optimizing for mobile phones
  7. Creating new marketing channels and web page types to target it

The Results

● Over a 2 year period sales increased $8.4M, or 365% from $2.3M/yr to $10.7M/yr

● The corresponding marketing spend over the same time increased just 181%

● They were able to expand their team from 3 to 30 people

● Their business processes became more systematized to use time more effectively

● Their revenue has continued to grow even during the economic downturn

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