About Us

Internet Marketing Managers is a team of Internet marketing experts, web designers, web developers, writers and more, that take businesses to the next level online.

Nick Thorsch is the CEO and Founder of Internet Marketing Managers. Nick holds Bachelor’s Degree in Business from UC Berkeley and has worked with top companies like Microsoft and Traffic Geyser. After finding his passion for Internet marketing, Nick founded Internet Marketing Managers in 2013. Using his superior analytical skills and attention to detail, Nick has not only developed over 200 websites in over 100 industries, but has also developed online marketing strategies that have produced multiple 5 figures in profit per month. While Nick is extremely knowledgeable in all-things related to online marketing, Nick specializes in Search Engine Marketing (SEO, PPC, content, etc) and Premium Website Development, that will help you take your business to the next level.

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Cheryl VanOrnum is Internet Marketing Managers’ go-to for all things in the online marketing world. Cheryl has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Marketing from The University of Phoenix and has spent the last 9 years studying Internet Marketing.  Cheryl has successfully built many websites and ranked them in the search engines to the number one spot in Google. Cheryl’s experience with Southwest Airlines and Starbucks management helped to form her stellar people skills and ability to execute exactly what her client’s needs and wants are.

Currently Cheryl focuses on SEO, Online Sales Funnels, Branding, and taking businesses to the next level with their marketing.

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