Why Most SEO Projects Fail


Most SEO projects fail for a number of reasons, including:

  • Unreliable outsourced, usually overseas SEO “experts”
  • “White-hat” tactics that are spammy to most normal humans
  • Black-hat tactics used for benefit or used against you by a competitor for negative SEO
  • Failing to deal with “unnatural link” notices from Google properly
  • Big promises that underdeliver trying to use low-cost methods
  • Performance-based SEO that only takes on long-tail keywords with very low competition that’s near worthless
  • A biased link-building strategy that isn’t well-rounded, leaving gaps for competitors to exploit and run by
  • Failing to leverage the backlinks competitors already have
  • Failing to leverage policies in which other competitors might be violating to slow or halt their progress
  • Failing to comply with the policy guidelines of associated companies and getting shut down

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