New Content Sites

We acquired some domains and launched some new content sites for SEO testing purposes and because they’re rather interesting topics:

  1. Baby Huey – The dopey yet lovable big baby duck from the cartoon series that started in the 40s and has been revived several times since then, has been a firmly memorable character often mentioned to this day.
  2. Cotton-Eyed Joe – That fun lovin’ song that sticks in your head and makes you wanna dance around country-style.
  3. Puss in Boots – One of the most popular cats since the early 1550s.
  4. Voodah – Voodah is akin to Tarzan, who sought “jungle justice” in comic books in the 40s.
  5. Yank and Doodle –  A comic book set of identical twins named Richard and Dick Walters who were only super-powered when they were in close proximity and fought evil together.

Many more to come… will list here as they’re done and launched. We got new logos done, content written, just gotta put ’em up.

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