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You’ve Got Competition. Market to Stand-Out.

Internet Marketing

You’ve Got Competition. Market to Stand-Out. Make your prospect’s mouth-water, grab their attention, and make yourself irresistible with easy little ways. We see things from our perspective most of the time. We think about our great qualities, what we have to offer, why someone else should like us or our (more…)

Organic Marketing: The Most Profitable Business Strategy

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What is Organic Marketing?

Organic marketing encompasses word-of-mouth marketing, viral marketing, public relations, social media, network marketing, direct sales and the like. The common denominators of these marketing methods are that they are free, trusted, and vetted. They are earned, as compared to being bought.

People are more receptive to hearing these marketing messages because they are more natural and organic.

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Performance-Based Marketing – Deal Site Consulting

Internet Marketing

Performance based marketing is no cost upfront, performance based payment utilizing deal sites like Groupon and a variety of many other deal sites that have a large following.

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Internet Marketing Results

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We don’t perform services for clients until we get results we’re proud of on our own personal projects, such as: Ranked a site using SEO for a keyword with over 500,000 searches PER MONTH and generated $16,000 in sales in a month Generated $26,000/month in sales from paid advertising and (more…)