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Nick helps create or improve over 100 mostly Wordpress websites per year in a variety of industries. He's worked with top SEO, PPC and Internet marketing companies. He graduated with a business degree from U.C. Berkeley in 2005. Contact him to discuss your online business goals.

New Content Sites


We acquired some domains and launched some new content sites for SEO testing purposes and because they’re rather interesting topics:

  1. Baby Huey – The dopey yet lovable big baby duck from the cartoon series that started in the 40s and has been revived several times since then, has been a firmly memorable character often mentioned to this day.
  2. Cotton-Eyed Joe – That fun lovin’ song that sticks in your head and makes you wanna dance around country-style.
  3. Puss in Boots – One of the most popular cats since the early 1550s.
  4. Voodah – Voodah is akin to Tarzan, who sought “jungle justice” in comic books in the 40s.
  5. Yank and Doodle –  A comic book set of identical twins named Richard and Dick Walters who were only super-powered when they were in close proximity and fought evil together.

Many more to come… will list here as they’re done and launched. We got new logos done, content written, just gotta put ’em up.

3 WPMU Tricks


I just installed WPMU for the first time, and it took me about 24 hours to figure out, ugh :/ But I finally did, yay!

Amongst the many errors and frustrations that occurred along the way:

  1. New WordPress installs would show a 404 page or a blank page
  2. How to connect external domains
  3. Whether an external domain mapping plugin was needed
  4. Whether I could get each site in the list to all be numerically in order or alphabetical (you can try, but it’s more hassle than it’s worth)

The server I installed it on is HostGator shared server. HostGator Support told me that WPMU is not supported, nor recommended, but I got it to work 😉

  1. Getting subdomain installs to work: In CPanel > Simple DNS Zone Editor > find the webdisk.[yourdomain].[tld] entry, and Delete it. Then you’ll be able to add the wildcard subdomain: *.[yourdomain].[tld], which is necessary to let WPMU handle subdomains for which there’s no fixed entry. That’s right, remove any fixed subdomains for which you want to use WPMU for (all others connected to a non-WPMU WordPress install you can leave of course, just ensure there’s no subdomain or folder common names used with WPMU), otherwise the URL will route to that folder, rather than the root folder /public_html which is where WPMU should be.
  2. Connecting an external domain to a WPMU subdomain: this one took a long while too to figure out. First, install WordPress MU Domain Mapping, then add a site by the ID (mouse over Edit in the site list to see the ID) and add the domain. Then click Edit for a WPMU site, then click the Settings tab, then change both the siteurl and home URL to the external domain. Ensure the external domain’s A record is pointed at your server IP. Then in CPanel, go to Parked Domains, to quickly add the domain and point it to the root. Note, some of these changes can take a minute to kick in, so don’t give up and think it doesn’t work if it doesn’t work right away, it can take a minute for the server to update.
  3. Site IDs and alphabetical order: Some people feel off when things aren’t in order (me included), and want their site IDs to be in numerical order without a gap, and alphabetical order. It’s not worth the struggle with WPMU, but I can tell you one quick trick, if things get out of order… simply edit each site, give the subdomain a number in order from top to bottom, then go back through the list and enter your subdomain names in alphabetical order. Yeah it takes a little work, but that’s the quickest way to do it. Keep in mind in the future, if you add or delete one, and have built sites on these domains, it won’t work, and you’ll just have to let go of trying to keep it organized and use search instead.

Hope that helps someone out there in Internet land!

Social Media Marketing (SMM) Exponential Growth

Social Media

We’ve recently been testing some new social media marketing strategies over the past few days, and have seen some amazing results:

Today is not even over yet, YET this account has received over 15,000 impressions, 400% more than the average 3,900 impressions per day. Yes the Tweet volume went up, but also the impressions per tweet went up:

Today: 34.7 impressions per Tweet (15,703/453)

7 days ago: 21.4 impressions per Tweet (2,252/105)

More tweets, more impressions.

That’s not the only thing. Targeted follower growth has also skyrocketed from our methods:

We’re adding nearly 100 followers per day now, with our new methods. That’s around 1,000 more followers in 10 days, 3,000 in a month. We’d be able to grow it faster, if Twitter didn’t have speed limits 😉

Other important metrics are up too:

Link clicks from Twitter up 27.6x over average. Retweets up 11.5x. Likes up 5.66x.

We’re now offering this as a service to our clients. Contact us to have us grow your Twitter, or any Social Media account, fast and safe like this to add new targeted followers you can market to.

You’ve Got Competition. Market to Stand-Out.

Internet Marketing

You’ve Got Competition. Market to Stand-Out.

Make your prospect’s mouth-water, grab their attention, and make yourself irresistible with easy little ways.

We see things from our perspective most of the time. We think about our great qualities, what we have to offer, why someone else should like us or our great product or service, and things like that. But you’ve got competition. For just about everything you do. So you’ve got to realize that, and market to stand-out.

Even at the most basic level, you’re competing for attention in someone’s head, with a bunch of other thoughts, feelings, priorities and urgencies in their mind. How will you ever cut through THAT clutter to get their attention and get a moment of their attention? Nevertheless, all of your competition is trying to do the same. Yikes. You’ve got to be a little better, different, more-attention grabbing, in the right ways, than they’ve seen before.

An Easy Example of How to Stand-Out That Worked

I’d like to illustrate an example that stands-out in my mind that may stick in your head too. My girlfriend spent two months trying to get a job. She filled out countless applications, made call backs, went to an interview or two, doing things the right way, had some interest, even two event gigs, but nothing more secure and full-time.

I spoke to one manager of a retail store who said she competed against 400 people just to get her job. A manager job, not even entry-level. 400 competitors.

It made me realize there’s a lot of competition out there competing for very few jobs. We determined her best approach would be not just filling out applications, but meeting in person face-to-face with owners/managers to stand out.

Furthermore, when she was asked to bring in a resume and didn’t have a copy with her, I had to make her a new one.

I thought to customize it more towards the business that she was applying at. Texas Roadhouse.

The first thing that cross my mind was at the top, her name, and the style of her resume.

I went to the Texas Roadhouse website and noticed their logo:

So I thought, why not put her name in there?

Because my girlfriend is not the focus of the article, I’m going to show you the logo with my name instead:

I put the logo with her name in it at the top of her resume.

The owner met her, liked her and passed her resume on to the hiring manager.

When she went in to meet with the hiring manager when the restaurant was super busy on a early Saturday night, she said “Are you the girl with the logo at the top of her resume?”

The logo stood out, got her attention, and was memorable.

It was the icing on the cake, the cherry on top, that went along nicely with the owner’s recommendation too.

She got the job, without even an interview. No questions asked. Except one: “Who made your logo?” 🙂

(To be clear, wasn’t my intention to generate design business for myself… rather to make her resume stand-out and be memorable.)

Don’t you think the manager also wants their guests to also have a good memorable experience too? Of course. It keeps their guests coming back, spending money as well. It shows you’ll go the extra step to pay attention to detail, and do a little more to make it a great experience working with you.

As my dad used to say “Sell the sizzle, not the steak.” We all have great personalities in some way, and great products and services… that’s the steak that we’re going to provide anyway… it’s the sizzle that sells. The presentation… just look at this picture… doesn’t it grab your attention a little and make your mouth water a bit?

Assuming you’re a meat-eater, no-offense meant for vegetarians/vegans, it’s just for illustration purposes. Here’s another image for people who like ice-cream instead:

Another way of saying it is the cherry on top, it’s that little red dot that attracts our eye, to make us focus on that whipped cream and ice cream even longer, making it bigger in our minds, making our mouth start to water, taste it with our taste buds and find it so irresistible, that you just have to ask for one. Wouldn’t you love your potential customers to react that way to your marketing?

We do that with our stunning web designs, our incredible web development, our fast-ranking SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for example, when we show a #1 result in Google… those things are mouth-watering to our customers, they want that. It shows their business moving forward, gaining progress, building confidence in themselves and their prospects, and generating more leads and sales.

Would you like to see and taste what it’s like to work with us? If so, contact us regarding your online marketing.

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